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tolly, a wearable device that act as your personal drinking buddy. Tolly regulates a user’s behavior by externalizing the behavior into a system. Tolly is a wearable CUI that explores its impact in the realm of social settings.

This project is a speculative design project. 

It is difficult for people to control how much they drink when they are drinking. We lose our ability to regulate ourselves as we become less inhibited. And it also put our friends in a hard situation when he/she needs to look after you rather than enjoy the night.

Tolly lets users regulate themselves before the drinking action happen by asking questions.

Tolly ask questions such as:
- Are you driving or taking an taxi tonight?
- What kinds of social setting you will be in tonight?
- Will you going by yourself or with friends tonight?
- Do you want to be an extrovert or introvert person tonight?

Then Tolly will set up the drinking level for the user, which are based on user’s personal preset of alcohol tolerance. The level will shows up on the interactive bracelet through a color band coded by the answers. As the user reach the level, the color will become brighter.

Scenario 1: Self

When the user is under the limit, it is easier for the user to grab the cup. In the opposite, when the user has reached the limit, he/she is unable to grab the cup.

Young adult goes to bar by themselves. The individual wants to have a couple drinks by himself / herself after a long week.

Scenario 2: Social

When a user is under the limit, it gravitate he/she towards individuals who in a similar drinking level. In the opposite, when a user has reached the limit, the user is unable to cheer with others.

Social setting with one drunk person (1) and two sober people(2, 3).


Interactive Bracelet
- Body temperature
- Body movement
- Heart rate
- Speech
- Respiratory rate
- Perspiration (alcohol detection)

Internet of Thing

- The bracelet interacts with cups to change behavior. Either reinforcing behavior or discouraging behavior
- The cup works at a individual level
- The cup also regulates behavior in social settings

Conversational UI (CUI)

- The CUI allows users to have a casual interaction with technology
- The CUI acts as an omniscient friend that looks after you when a user is unable to look after himself or herself
- Because of the machine learning, Tolly could learn user's behavior.

Final thoughts:

1.Tolly regulates the user’s behavior by externalizing the behavior into a system.
2.It as a device to help the user determine their limits.
3.Tolly opens the opportunity for user to change/influence his/her behavior by his/herself.What will happen if two CUI system work together? In what way, it will influence the voice recognition system?

If CUI can communicate with each other, will it need CUI create a unique social system, which they could negotiate with each other before make the suggestion/ execution for the user?

Related to this project, What will happen when people don’t listen to Tolly? What will happen when people abuse the system?

It is interesting to think this question because Tolly is regulate the user through the preset questions that answer by the user. So in another word, Tolly is act as another self and as a mediator.
What if machine learning co-work with CUI and Wearable technology? What will happen if the machine learning disagree with the user patterns?

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