strawberry fields

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HTC Vive

strawberry fields is a tongue-in-cheek look at the overwhelming amount of information around the products we consume everyday–no matter how small. By magnifying the minute details of data not usually given by retailers, the user focuses on the actual product itself and not its market value.

The Experience

The virtual experience takes you directly to a specific strawberry, A0001. The user is able to walk around a larger-than-life scanned version of this special strawberry to get a closer look at its curves and structure. A narrator walks you through a deluge of data regarding the strawberry and if the user is sold, they are able to just simply add the strawberry to their virtual shopping cart–all with a click of a button.

Images captured in Unity to showcase the environment

How to the immersed in a giant strawberry?

The first step for me is photogrammetry. I scanned lots of different fruit: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, apple, melon. I chose strawberry because of the size if relative smell and the texture is really detailed.

statistic: 8 strawberry * 50~60 photos each

The size of the strawberry in VR is much bigger the human size.

In the environment, the user is surrounded by giant strawberry. And the audio will introduce the strawberry B00001 in detail. In detail, I mean going into smallest information, the shape, how many seeds and etc. The user can walk around, go under, go into the strawberry. The countdown clock is the indicter of the freshness of the strawberry. I also think about make is countdown which is the age of the strawberry. I chose to use countdown because is corresponding with the expiration date on the product. And also, it creates a more intense environment.

In the experience, I would also offer the user to eat strawberry during the experience or after. The most surprising response from the experience is "I smelled the strawberry!"

I want to create an environment people can immerse in the object that they never think about, such as the strawberry because of the size. Also, it purposes a new retail experience, where people can really look and observe the produce.

Is it just about one strawberry?

Some question I need to think about are:
- is it really about one strawberry, something to walk around and studying architecture … make it about one strawberry and make it bigger
- now that it is in VR how does the description of the strawberry change?
- the studying of the strawberry details
- is it about more information of the strawberry… can I go into the strawberry?… triggering more information/immersive experience with that single strawberry
- interaction

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