shade finder

shade finder provides a protective shield for people.

physical user interaction

proximity sensor
touch sensor

My idea came up when I was waiting for my lunch beside a food truck. The heat from the sun really burned me down and I was despaired for shady and cool. Then, I thought it will be useful if the device can change position with the individual who is using it

What will happen if there is more than one person?

I used 3 touch sensors, proximity sensor, servo and Arduino for the function and foam for the physical form.  

I used servo to control the motion of the shade. Then, I used the proximity sensor to detect people stand in front of the device. If there is no user, it will “play” randomly by itself and when there are people, it will stop and change to the position the people are standing on.

The touch sensors detect the position of people. If there is more than one person, I add some emotion to the device. It will become hesitate and swing between two people.

This is my first time using servo and I overestimated how much weight it can handle. I tried a lot of material to make the “shade” lighter, such as cardboard, foam. In the end, I choose to use thick paper because it is light enough and firm.

Also, the physical form of the device is as important as the function. Since I need to make it not very stand out but also easy to notice, I choose white and light blue as the color palette. For the future, I need to think not only the function but also the physical form in the beginning. 

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