farm+city explores the relationship between farm and city. How should urban landscape change by the future farming? How would the landscape reshape the future of agricultural mobility and consumer experience?
Moreover, the conflict between people live in the city and ppl live in the suburban. They are constantly "communicate" with each other on the daily basis. How would the urban landscape change if they come together.

system design for future of agriculture
design for new shopping experience
sound design 

Afrer Effect

Three points I'm exploring in this project
- the urban landscape when city and farm come together
- the portability of the farming system
- the new possible experience for the buyer when they purchase farm produce

Fig 1: People biking through strawberry field while they are on the way to work.

Fig 2: Urban Landscape: farm+city

Fig 3: Portable farming truck

Fig 4: People picking up apple in the supermarket.

My next step is elaborate more coming up questions:

How portable farming system could change consumer's buying behavior?
Will farming become a daily routine for people?
So what is the line between farm and city in urban planning?

Thanks for watching!
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