TITLE Boxing Club

“TITLE Boxing Club is the first and only boxing-inspired fitness club committed to giving people of all ages, all bodies, all weights and all abilities the most empowering workout of their lives.”

“Find Crew” feature


Product Designer




After Effect

This project is a self-initiated redesign of their current app and a rebranding of their community-focused boxing-inspired fitness club — adding new “find crew” feature.

The new “TITLE Boxing Club” app offers user more option to boxing/kickboxing through the "Find Crew" feature after the user signed in.

"Find Crew" gives the user opportunities to find other members to practice together when there isn't suitable class time for the day. You can easily talk with other members of TITLE Boxing Club via the app message feature. If users want, they can schedule a time to practice at the nearest TITLE Boxing Club location.

Identify Problems 

1. The current apps are not united. TITLE have multiple apps for the different location, such as for the NY, Ohio, Florida and so on. The UI design is not the same.

2. TITLE positioning the business as a community-based boxing club, but there is not a feature fundamentally different with other fitness clubs.


1. Different location uses the different app but the user interface should be well organized and the UI element should be constant.
2. All franchise use the same app that covers all location.
3. Introducing new exercise/workout which needs to be community-based. It needs to design for the community needs. 

User Insights

The focus group of the user research are not only the members of the title boxing club but also includes people who actively boxing, the administrator of the boxing club, and trainers.

1. limited class time for members/cannot find class time fit schedule
2. empty space when there is no class

↑ User survey 

As a designer, I think we should utilize applicable technology to maximize the usability of the product for the user.

Throughout the user research, the biggest concern/program for the user(the member) is hard to find a perfect time to practice boxing/kicking boxing; for the administrator, they want people to occupy the space more, and also arrange the class schedule for each week.

From insights I collected from the user research, the problem I want to design for is —

How to design a new service/feature that not only could offer the members to access more time to practice but also the administrators do not need to organize the chaos schedule every week?

Find Crew Feature

I developed a new workout choice for Title Boxing Club members — Find Crew.

It offers the opportunities for community members to find other members to connect and practice together in the nearest TITLE Boxing Club.

↑ Sketches for the app

↑ User flow for the “Find Crew” function

The new "Find Crew" feature could offer the member an opportunity to have more time option to practice with people in the same boxing/kickboxing level. Also, for the company, it helps them to build a more strong community-based fitness club through let members easily connect on the app.

↑ Animation for the “Find Crew” function

After a low fidelity sketch and more user interview, I find most users are really cautioned about their private information to be shared.

As a result, I designed the new feature also as an online message platform for users rather share their private information on the app.  

↑ High fidelity mockups show how user goes through the app


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